Israel’s policy: Terrorise countries in the name of Muslims, then show support to them

As we have seen in the past, the whole world was seen in one faction against America and Israel. Soon after which, Trump had started threatening those countries. Today we are going to talk about the international issues with the knowledgeable Mr Akhlak Usmani, whose grip is not only good in matters related to the Middle East but also in the broader change on international politics in the upcoming years. While having a conversation with the TRN Network, he discusses numerous issues, some of which are below.

Question: The graph of hatred towards Israel is rising in today’s world, what can be the reason for this?

Answer: Israel has oppressed the Palestinians with a lot of persecution. It began to occupy Palestinian territories since 1947, with 22,000 acres of its land in just five years. Every day Israel occupies a village in Palestine, and the Palestinians are forcibly imprisoned in a small part of West Bank and Gaza. The world’s largest open prison is located in Gaza. In the name of human rights, innocent Muslims are being victimized. The whole world is standing against this human violence today.

Since Donald Trump has been declared US President, Muslims from all over the world have openly supported Palestine. 128 countries, including India, voted in support of Palestine in the United Nations, whereas only 9 countries voted for Trump. The Muslims across countries are supporting Palestine and are willing to do anything for their struggle.

Question: Which country does Israel consider its biggest enemy after voting in the United Nations?

Answer: Israel thinks it can achieve anything in the world. After declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Muslims from all over the world have been “united” to support Palestine. Since Trump has announced decision to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, the Muslims of the world have forgotten all their differences and stood against Israel and Trump.

Muslims had proved that they could face Israel and the United States by being “united, through voting in UN. This is the reason why Israel is acknowledging Muslims as its worst enemy. So Israel wants to end Palestine and wants to break the “solidarity” among the Muslim countries. The persecution will intensify even more and the Palestinians would be forced to leave the state by themselves. Israel wants to completely destroy Palestine from the world.

The Palestinians have been struggling since 1947, and they will not leave their homeland any cost. In this sense Israel’s biggest enemy is Palestine at this time.

Question: What is the purpose of Israeli President’s visit to India?

Answer: India is Israel’s second largest importer of weapons. At the same time, India and Israel’s military equipment business turnover is $ 9 billion and for civil goods, it is $ 4 billion. Israel is visiting India in connection with its business. Netanyahu would put pressure on India. India has expelled Israel including five foreigners due to corruption in FDI in arms. Moreover, India has recently cancelled an order of $ 500 million of Israel’s Spike anti-tank guided missile. As India also voted in favour of Palestine in the United Nations, Israel wants to put pressure on countries that support Palestine. Netanyahu is a puppet to weapon corporates and visiting India as a salesman.

Netanyahu has a misunderstanding that people are afraid of Islam and Muslims. Israel is the self-proclaimed leader of all communities. The Israeli PM believes that the Islam-terrified countries will come under Israel’s umbrella making it a leader.

Question: Why is Israel humanity’s greatest enemy?

Answer: Many thousands of innocent people are imprisoned in the Israeli prisons, including children. It is also hard to imagine that Israel has done so much persecution on the Palestinians. Israel has occupied many parts of Palestine and it is still counting. The biggest reason for making Jerusalem the capital of Israel is forcing the Palestinians out of their homeland.

The whole world is aware of Palestine’s suffering due to Israel, and it is not hidden from anyone. This is the reason why the whole world stands in support of Palestine. In coming future, the whole world will be united by standing together, while America and Israel would be on one side.

Question: Iran and Turkey are quite vocal against the injustice of Israel, can Israel play diplomatic moves against the two countries?

Answer: There is a slight difference in the strategy of both the countries. On one side where Turkey follows the policies against Israel that can take violent forms, which happened with Hamas. Hamas was born as an activist institution but wandered from its path. It joined the violent activities. When we look at Iran’s policies, we see that Iran promotes democratic ways of exposing Israel. Whether to go with United Nations’ policies against the jurisdictions of Israel or boycott its products. Being a Sunni, if asked to choose either of the two, then I think the policy followed by Iran is more important. We can win this war by exposing Israel. Hamas did this by killing two Israeli soldiers and Israel in exchange killed 2,000 Palestinians. Israel itself also wants that all Palestinians either go away from there or have a similar end.

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The author is deeply knowledgeable about international affairs and is regularly called on to hold opinion on media issues by media channels.

Courtesy: The Resistance News, translated by Siasat Web Desk