Israel’s Jewish nation-state law perpetuates racial discrimination: Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: Slamming the controversial Israeli law Saudi Arabia claimed that it perpetuates racial discrimination against Palestinians. Arguing that it contradicts international law, the kingdom rejected and disapproved the new legislation. Saudi Arabia claimed that the adoption of the law would also be a barrier to ending the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The law which was passed in a heated debate on Thursday with 62 lawmakers voting in favour out of 120, is dedicated to what Arab lawmakers in the Knesset described, as a foundation for an apartheid system.

It must be recalled that Saudi King Salman had reaffirmed Saudi Arabia’s “steadfast” support for the Palestinian cause earlier this year after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman signalled a shift in the country’s approach. In an interview to a magazine, crown prince Mohammed in April said that Israelis, as well as Palestinians, “have the right to have their own land.”