Israeli police shot 20 bullets at innocent 16-year-old Palestinian girl alleging knife attack

Jerusalem: Israeli Police shot dead a 16-year-old Palestinian girl for allegedly attacking with a knife at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on Sunday.

Ma’an news agency reported that Fatima Afif Abed al-Rahman Hajiji from Qarawat Bani Zeid, north of Ramallah was shot dead by Israeli border police.

According to the statements of the witnesses, there was no lethal weapon with the girl. It was only a false propaganda.

However, Israeli Police spokesperson, Micky Rosenfeld justified the killing and said that it was an act of self-defense.

It is reported that about 20 bullets were shot at the girl.

Speaking to the Times of Israel, police spokesperson said that she approached the Police and Border Guard Force, took out knife and tried to attack them saying ‘Allahu Akbar’.

The statements of the eyewitnesses were completely different. According to one of the eyewitnesses, one of the soldiers screamed “knife! knife!” and immediately after that five soldiers opened fire at her.

Police claimed that she was carrying a letter depicting the verses from the Quran featuring Shahada (martyr).

However, police published the photograph of the knife but failed to release the copy of the letter.

Meanwhile, Foreign Ministry of Palestinian condemned the attack.

On Sunday night, many mourners assembled outside the house of Hajiji.