Israeli plan to kill Yasser Arafat exposed

Israeli plan to kill Yasser Arafat exposed

Tel Abib: The shocking revelations of Israeli’s plan to kill Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat have been exposed by an upcoming book authored by Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman. The journalist revealed that the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon allegedly ordered the military to shoot down civilian airliners over the Mediterranean while he was the minister of defence in an attempt to kill the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

According to an article adapted from the book, between November 1982 and January 1983 Sharon ordered fighter jets to be placed on interception alert, scrambling at least five times with plans to blow up commercial planes that may be carrying Arafat.

The book Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations stated that on the reports of secret agency Mossad a special team called “Salt Fish” was formed during the war and was tasked with finding and killing Arafat. But he was miraculously saved time and again, with the bombs landing mere minutes after he left a place.

When Arafat realized the Israeli Air Force was targeting him, he started spreading disinformation and made efforts so to ensure he would not be found.

At one point, the Salt Fish team tried to follow three Israeli journalists Uri Avnery and Sarit Yishai and photographer Anat Saragusti who headed to Beirut to interview Arafat. But Arafat’s men were able to lose the Israeli tail, and the three journalists “disappeared” in Beirut’s alleyways.

Israel felt that it could vanquish Palestine by killing Yasser Arafat.