Israeli dates: Muslims call to boycott Karachi Bakery

Hyderabad: The Karachi Bakery in the city faces calls of boycott following allegations that it is selling dates imported from Israel.


Calls for boycott flooded social media alleging that the outlet was selling Israeli dates. The logic was: buying them would mean support to Israel’s supposed oppression of Palestinian Muslims.

Reacting to the boycott calls, Girish, a staff member of Karachi Bakery, Chandanagar outlet, said:

“We don’t have any intention behind this. Along with dates, we store other products also in the stores. It is not like that we import dates from Israel. We sell all branded products and don’t see whether it is from Iran, Israel or any other country for that matter.

We put items in the gift hampers that are Israeli branded known as Flyberry and offer to customers.”

“Personally I boycott everything and anything that is ever made by Karachi Bakery,” a tweet in social media said.

The boycott calls were triggered after youths of Old City found the dates packets having Israeli brand Flyberry and were enraged.

A distributor in Hyderabad shrugged off the allegations. “We source palm dates from Al Alwani Dates in Saudi Arabia and countries like Iran, Iraq and the UAE.

The picture of the dates packet from Israel, circulating on social media, may be imported by some other distributor in Hyderabad,” he said. However, the boycott call has not affected the sale of dates from the famous bakery. “Ramzan is the month of maximum demand of dates and sales have peaked as usual,” the staffer said.

Courtesy: MetroIndia