Israeli company bans Arabic speaking for Arab employees

Occupied Jerusalem: An Israeli firm has issued a racist order and asked its Arab workers not to speak Arabic. According to information centre of Palestine, a notice has been issued by the director of Israeli firm ‘Aroma’ stating that no worker of the company shall speak in Arabic.

According to Israel’s Channel 2 that the director of the Aroma Company has made Israeli language mandatory for the workers and put a ban on Arabic speaking. Giving explanation the company issued statement that this move has been taken to preserve the dignity of customers. We want that workers should not speak a language which the customers do not understand.

Palestine has reacted strongly on the racist move taken by the company. Arab Knesset member Yousef Jabbareen (the Join List) filed a complaint with the Israeli equal employment opportunity commission against the cafe, and asked it to investigate the matter and demand the cafe company to cancel its ban on speaking the Arabic language, describing it as ‘arbitrary and racist.