Israeli car blast: Don’t make me commit suicide, Ahmed Kazmi

Journalist Syed Mohammed Ahmad Kazmi, arrested for his alleged role in the February 13 bomb attack at an Israeli diplomat car, sought bail from a Delhi court on Saturday pleading that he “should not be pushed to the point of committing suicide.”

Arguing for bail before the court of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Vinod Yadav, Kazmi’s counsel Gajinder Kumar said, “I (Kazmi) should not be pushed to a point where I am forced to commit suicide.”

Kumar added his client’s incarceration is the punishment for a crime that he did not commit.

He said Kazmi has been caught by the police because he has been vocal about views on certain issues and political matters.

“My (Kazmi’s) opinion on certain issues cannot make me a conspirator to the crime,” he said.

He also said the investigating agency has completed its investigation and had approached the court two days prior to his police custody was to expire on March 27, stating that his further custodial interrogation was not required.

“In fact investigating agency opted to transfer him to judicial custody as they were satisfied that there is nothing that the applicant (Kazmi) can disclose to them,” Kumar said.

Denying the police allegation that Kazmi had provided logistic support to the other accused involved in the February 13 attack and helped them in conducting recce of the area, Kazmi’s counsel said he has never been involved in any act detrimental to Indian interests.

Kazmi also denied the allegation of having made financial gains out of the offence and said “the transfers of illegal money, as shown in the media, are baseless.”

He also said since he has a family in Delhi, he would not “pack his bags and flee.”