Israeli Air Force attacks Hamas targets in Gaza Strip

New Delhi [India]: The Israeli Air Force (IAF) on Wednesday attacked 25 Hamas targetsn in response to massive shelling from Gaza Strip. According to a statement by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the fighter jets hit additional targets in the military compounds of Gaza Strip allegedly belonging to Hamas.

“Earlier this morning, June 20, IAF fighter jets targeted Hamas terror objectives throughout the Gaza Strip for the third time tonight- 11 terror targets in four military compounds belonging to the Hamas terror organization, including an underground training compound,” IDF Spokesperson tweeted.

According to the IDF, Hamas launched at least 30 projectiles, including rockets From Gaza targeting southern part of Israel.

“Last night, approximately 30 launches were identified emanating from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli territory. Seven launches were intercepted by the IDF’s Iron Dome aerial defense system and at least three fell in the Gaza Strip,” IDF Spokesperson in a tweet said.

The agitated Israel claimed that Hamas is responsible for everything that transpires in the Gaza Strip and warned that it will have to bear the consequences for targeting Israelis.

“Hamas is responsible for everything that transpires in the Gaza Strip and will bear the consequences for deliberately targeting Israeli civilians,” IDF Spokesperson tweeted.

In May, a large number of Palestinians gathered to protest on the Gaza Strip’s eastern border to commemorate the Nakba anniversary and protest the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Since March 30, Israeli forces have killed at least 124 Palestinians and wounded more than 13,000 people.

Nearly 6,500 Palestinians are currently held in Israeli prisons of which 62 are women and 350 are minors.