Israel won’t allow IS to open new border front: PM

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Israel will not allow a new “front of terror” in the Golan Heights, a day after Islamic State (IS) militants clashed with Israeli soldiers.

“There have been attempts to attack our forces,” Netanyahu said on Monday, referring to the shooting and mortar attack launched by IS militants near the Israeli-Syrian border on Sunday.

“We will not allow radical Islam to open a front against us in the Golan Heights. Israel will not allow any drizzle of assaults, and will attack if necessary,” Xinhua news agency quoted Netanyahu as saying.

On Sunday, IS militants fired at Israeli soldiers from a machine gun-mounted truck.

Israel quickly responded with an airstrike, killing four gunmen in the vehicle.

In addition, Israel’s Air Force struck a compound used by IS militants in the southern Syrian Golan Heights on Sunday night.