Israel sparks anger with beer festival at Muslim Cementery

Ramallah: Israel companies have approved plans to organise a beer festival on the grounds of the historic Islamic cemetery of Maaman Allah in occupied Jerusalem on this week.

The Maaman Allah cemetery  is believed to date back to the 7th century, and it houses the remains of many important figures, including companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has been turned into a park by Israeli authorities.

As per the announcement for the event on the Israeli website, there will be about “120 different varieties of local and international beers on offer over two days.”

“The festival aims to humiliate Muslims and insult their culture,” said Palestinian activist Mazen Abu Qalbain to Gulf News.

“The festival has truly become a tradition ripe with vicious provocation.”

“How can Muslim accept Jews drinking alcohol and dancing at the gravesite that contains the remains of known figures of the early Islam,” he told.

“Jerusalem is spacious and the festival can be held anywhere over the city, but the Israeli choice of this particular historic Muslim gravesite aims to send a clear message to the Muslims around the world,” he said.