Israel launches civil aviation cybersecurity plan

Jerusalem: The Israeli government has approved a civil aviation cybersecurity programme, in a bid to advance the country’s capabilities in this field.

As part of the plan, a national steering committee will be established which will have representatives from the Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Authority, Airports Authority, the Israeli Security Agency, Ministry of Defence, National Security Council and the Israel Defense Forces, reports Xinhua news agency.

The Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) said on Sunday that the civil aviation sector has high technological complexity.

Thus, technological innovations and digital processes in aircraft, airport systems, control towers and air control, as well as self security check systems and aircraft entertainment systems, have created new cyber challenges.

This is in addition to the expected increase to 7.8 billion passengers worldwide by 2036.

Therefore, these developments require state preparation in advance of appropriate cyber protection of the field.

The programme includes threat mapping and solution projects, advancing research and development for defence solutions in the hi-tech and cyber industry and academia, collaboration with the Boeing aircraft manufacturer, establishing transport control centre, developing training courses for pilots and more.

Director-General of the INCD, Yigal Unna, said: “The target of the programme is to lead the world in better cyber defense on aviation. Israel is strong in the field of aviation safety and security and in cybersecurity, and these two strengths will now be combined.”