Israel denies hackers’ voter registry breach claim

Tel Aviv: The claim by hackers that they had broken into the database of Israeli voters, just days before the parliamentary elections, has been dismissed by Israeli officials, a media report said.

Israel will go to the polls on Tuesday to elect the 21st “Knesset”, or Parliament.

Hackers on Saturday claimed they had stolen information on millions of Israelis after breaking into the voter registry.

But the country’s Central Elections Committee said they had no evidence of a hack, and critics dismissed the hackers’ claims saying the data displayed was from another data leak in 2006, the Hamodia newspaper reported on Sunday.

It has now become a routine for thousands of hackers around the world to target Israel-based web sites on April 7, which has come to be known as “opIsrael,” said the report.

The attacks are ostensibly organised by international hacking group Anonymous, it added.