Israel commits to jointly fight menace of terrorism

New Delhi: Asserting that both Israel and India are facing similar challenges in terms of terrorism and radicalism, Israel today expressed its commitment to jointly fight against the menace.

“We also face a common challenge in fighting terrorism and radicalism. I am here today to affirm our commitment to the fight against global terrorism. We are here today, to carry the great potential of this partnership into reality,” Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said here at a function.

The President also recalled the positive and growing cooperation between the two nations in areas of defence and security.

Talking about the increasing menace of cyber warfare, he said it is no longer science fiction it is a strategic challenge.

“In all these areas, Israel, and Israeli industry is ready and committed to strengthening this cooperation to make a safer world. Of course we are very grateful to our Indian partners, for the way they work together with us in order to ensure a safe and secure world,” he added.

Referring to issues concerning food security, he recalled the work done by experts in the field of agricultural, water treatment, food and environment and said they are the persons who plant seeds of tomorrow.

“They are literally planting the seeds of tomorrow. We already have Israeli and Indian experts, working together with local farmers, to improve Indian produce, and the lives of local families,” he said.

Invoking the famous speech of Swami Vivekananda in Chicago, he addressed the audience here as “sisters and brothers of India”.

“We are here to reaffirm our deep commitment to our shared future,” he said, adding both the countries are already cooperating in areas of economics, technology, and security, and this cooperation continues to grow.

“Israel wants to play a part in the Four-Colour Revolution that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set as India s national goal, that brings together the colours of the Indian flag: Saffron for solar power, Green for agriculture, White for dairy produce, and Blue for water,” he said.

The President is on official visit to India and is being accompanied by Israeli academia, business leaders, industries, and defence industries.