Israel attacks Hamas post in Gaza in response to gunshots

Jerusalem: Israel attacked a Hamas post in Gaza on Wednesday after gunshots from the besieged enclave hit an Israeli bulldozer near the Gaza border, the Israeli army said.

A military spokesperson said militants from Gaza fired shots at civilians engaged in the construction of another barrier along the separation fence near the northern Gaza Strip, hitting an engineering bulldozer, Xinhua news agency reported.

No injuries were reported, the spokesperson added.

Palestinian media reported that Israel fired smoke shells, apparently intended to create a smoke screen, to evacuate the workers.

The incident came hours after Israel raised the level of alert along the fence separating between Israel and Gaza after Hamas vowed to revenge Israel’s killing of its two operatives a day before.

The Israeli military warned on Wednesday that it “will not tolerate any aggression against Israeli civilians or Israel Defense Forces soldiers, and is prepared for a wide variety of scenarios.”

The Egyptian-brokered talks between Israel and Gaza over a cease-fire began last week but have yet to reach any agreements.