Israel arrests 32 Palestinians on claims of being PA security officers

Jerusalem: The Israeli forces have arrested 32 Palestinians from Jerusalem yesterday claiming them of being members of Palestinian Authority services.

The arrested members included 20 Fatah members and others who have previously been imprisoned and released by the Israeli occupation before their re-arrest yesterday, MEM reports.

The Israeli forces reportedly took the father of Odai as a hostage to pressure him to turn himself in said WAFA- official PA News agency.

The Israeli forces are also reported to have handed over detention orders to a number f Palestinians who were not present at their homes during the forces raids.

In protest against the detention of several members including Fatah leader and Governor of Jerusalem Adnan Geith ordered by the Israeli forces, a peaceful protest was organized by Fatah and a number of the PA officers.

The Israeli forces too confirmed the arrests in a statement and claimed the arrested Palestinians were suspected of recruiting Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem to work as PA security officers.