Israel: 300 rockets fired from Gaza Strip

Sderot [Israel]: The Israeli army reported that over 300 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel on Monday, leaving 11 injured.

Quoting the Palestinian health ministry, CNN reported that retaliatory air and ground assaults left three Palestinians dead in Gaza.

10 people were injured in Sderot, while one man was gravely wounded after an anti-tank missile struck a bus close to the Gaza fence.

The Israeli Army further confirmed that 60 rockets were intercepted by Israel Defense Force’s Iron Dome aerial defense system, while sirens blared across Israeli regions near the fence, suggesting incoming rocket fire.

Over 20 targets in Gaza have been hit by the retaliatory assault launched by Israel’s military forces so far.

Hamas’ al-Aqsa TV channel was one of the targets of the Israeli assault, decimating the channel’s main building on Monday night.

Israel has previously accused al-Aqsa of spreading misinformation and encouraging Palestinians to assault Israelis.

Hamas’ Government Media Center, on the other hand, had warned that the channel’s destruction is a violation of international law.

The gruesome exchange comes a day after cross-border operations left seven dead in Gaza while killing one in Israel.

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