Islamist militia ‘Dawn of Libya’ secures US Embassy in Tripoli

An Islamist militia, Dawn of Libya, has taken control of the US Embassy in Libyan capital Tripoli and posted a video online, while the US officials said they are seeking details of it.

“We’ve seen the reports and videos and are seeking additional details. At this point, we believe the Embassy compound itself remains secure but we continue to monitor the situation on the ground, which remains very fluid,” a Senior State Department official said here.

The official said America had moved embassy staff from Tripoli to Valletta, Malta, because of “ongoing fighting between militias occurring very close to our compound.”

Those personnel “remain engaged,” the official said, while the State Department continues to work with the Libyan government.

“Our Ambassador and other officials remain engaged both in Washington and from our Embassy in Valletta, Malta, where Embassy staff from Tripoli were recently relocated,” the official said.