Islamic women tutors in demand

HYDERABAD: Demands of Islamic education is high in western countries. Hence, western countries are the new destination for women teachers who can teach Islamic education.

These Islamic education teachers passed various seminaries and schools in the city. Every evening they impart Islamic education through Skype or similar applications to the students in the United States, the United Kingdom and other European countries.

The families of these countries are now looking for hiring Islamic teachers from the Hyderabad city to teach the Quran and other features of other thoughts to their children.

Mufti Mohammed Hasanuddin, the founder of Markaz-e-Taleem-ul-Banat said, “Though the concept of online teaching of the Quran is new for the madrasa graduate women, now it is becoming a trend.”

“It is not easy for NRI families staying in foreign countries to get a teacher to teach the Quran. So they are preferring e-tutors who take tuitions online via video calling applications,” he added.