Islamic text books to be directly controlled by US: Secretary Tillerson explains Riyadh center’s task

WASHINGTON: During the 2018 State Department Budget, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made worrisome revelation about the Riyadh center to counter extreme Muslim messaging which is going to be operated from the US directly.

He was responding to Scott Perry, the U.S Representative for Pennsylvania’s 4th congressional district.

According to Tillerson, the Riyadh center now exist was inaugurated. The center has a number of elements to attack extremism around the world.

He further said, “one element were visiting about and they have taken step is to publish new textbooks that go into the schools that are in the mosques around the world. These textbooks are to replace textbooks that are out there today that do advocate extreme Wahawaism viewpoints around the justification for violence. We asked that they publish new textbooks and retrieve the existing textbooks so that we get those back.

The best example is the center is going to have a very broad range from social media to broadcast, to have young Imams to trained and we are working with them today to establish the new center, what are the measures we will hold our self accountable to. That is the one charge the state department is working with Saudi and others as we bring this up to an operating level.”