Islamic Quiz (31.10.2012)

Answer the following questions and post your answers in comments section with your email ID.

1) Which Prophet did Bani Israel (the children of Israel) followed ?

A) Yunus (a.s.)

B) Yusuf (a.s.)

C) Yaqub (a.s.)

D) Yahya (a.s.)

2) What is the meaning of Al-Hutamah ?

A) Crushing place

B) Paradise

C) Tall columns

D) Eaten up straw

3) Which Muslima took part in the Battle of Uhud and nursed the wounded Muslim soldiers ?

A) Aishah (r.a.)

B) Fatimah (r.a.)

C) Hafsah (r.a.)

D) Sumaiyyah (r.a.)

4) Who was known as Sayyidatun Nisa?

A) Sawdah (r.a.)

B) Aishah (r.a.)

C) Hafsah (r.a.)

D) Fatima (r.a.)

Answers of the October 30th quiz are;

1) B) Persians

2) A) Umar (r.a.)

3) D) One who distinguishes between right and wrong

4) D) 2 years 3 months