Islamic Educational Board of India against Uniform Civil Code

Bengaluru :Islamic Educational Board of India opposed any move towards a Uniform Civil Code, saying no government has any right to interfere in the matters of religious jurisprudence.

IEBI General Secretary Anwar Sharieff said no government has any right to interfere in the matters of religious jurisprudence, and everybody should have the right to practice religion.

He was responding to a query at a press conference about liberal Muslim think tank, Tawazun Foundation’s approval of implementing the Uniform Civil Code in India.

President of the Karnataka Chapter of IEBI Sultan Shaik Khader said several countries have adopted Uniform Civil Code, but sectarian and inter-religious problems have not vanished.

“Different countries have different uniform civil code, but has inter-religious problems ceased to exist. This will be there as long as the world exists. Unity in diversity is the most beautiful aspect in this world,” he said.

Khader also said there will be no terrorists in ten years if the Kerala model of education at madrasas is followed.

“There will be no terrorists in 10 years if we follow Kerala model. Anyone who indulges in violence or terror is not a Muslim. Any Muslim who follows Islam is not a terrorist because Islam is for peace and harmony,” he said, adding there are 10,000 madrasas in the state, but only five per cent of them are functioning as per Islam norms.

Asked whether the board will agree to government monitoring madrasas, Khader said, they would welcome such a move, but framing guidelines will be an herculean task.

To a query, Khader said the board does not accept Wahabi and ISIS brands of Islam and it is dangerous to humanity.
Though there are four school of thoughts in Islam, everyone is on one platform over the understanding of Islam and Quran, the Holy Book of Muslims, Khader said.