Islamic centre in Dubai invites non-Muslims for interfaith Iftar

Dubai: In a bid to bind people of different faiths and as a part of Zayed campaign, Islamic Information Centre Dubai is inviting non-Muslims for an interfaith iftar titled ‘Join us in the pleasure of fasting’. The centre has asked non-Muslims to participate in the event by fasting like Muslims to know about Ramadan.

The director of Islamic Information Centre Rashid Al Junaibi while throwing light on the intention behind this event said, “Our centre has always been at the forefront of reaching out to the UAE community and this event is the right opportunity for us to come together to share this blessed feeling of fasting and experience the pleasure it brings.”

The event will be held at Dar Al Ber Auditorium and will be hosting the guests with a luxurious Emirati buffet. “In this part of the world, many non-Muslims fast in Ramadan and there are many more who wish to give it a try. This event is for them,” Al Junaibi added.