Islamic Architecture neglected in Welcome Arch of Secretariat – Kakatiya Model preferred

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana has decided to construct a Welcome Arch at the entrance of Secretariat by spending Rs. 40 lakh. The design of the Arch has almost been finalized.


Reliable sources indicated that the design of the Welcome Arch will depict Kakatiya style of construction which is being imposed on Hyderabad. Although the Govt. had considered the architectural design of Nizam’s Govt. but finally the Kakatiya style has been approved. It is reported that some of the experts had advised that the Welcome Arch design should depict Kakatiya and Asafia styles of Architecture. Since the building of Secretariat is located in Hyderabad which was ruled by the Nizams whereas the capital of Kakatiya Dynasty was Warangal, its design should depict Asafia culture. It is understood that the experts have decided to impose Kakatiya Culture on Hyderabad and hence the design consisting of Islamic Architecture  has been neglected. Department of Roads and Building will soon take initial steps to start construction work. If an effective representation is made, there is a possibility of changing its design.


Govt. has also decided to construct special waiting rooms behind the Welcome Arch for making arrangements for the issue of visitors’ passes. These rooms will also have Kakatiya design. It is proposed to construct six entrance gates for Secretariat. There will be a separate gate for CM and Ministers whereas other gates would be reserved for officials, two-wheelers and four wheelers. Govt. has also decided to name the Welcome Arch as Kakatiya Kala Thoranum. Its middle portion will have the statue of Telugu Talli.



–Siasat News