Islamabad’s wrong policies towards Afghanistan giving legitimacy to Taliban insurgents: Bushra Gohar

Kabul [Afghanistan]: Bushra Gohar, the senior vice-president of Pakistan’s Awami National Party (AWP), said on Sunday that country’s ‘wrong policies’ towards Afghanistan by making peace with Taliban would make the latter as legitimate group.

“Pakistan has always vowed to help secure peace and stability in Afghanistan, but Islamabad has not delivered on its promises in this respect. If we let our soil to be used by Taliban insurgent groups among whom there are no good terrorists and bad terrorists, they will use our soil for their own interests,” she said during the second day of the 4th Afghanistan-Central Asia Dialogue conference in Bamiyan.

She further stated that Pakistan’s wrong policy is the main reason which divides Afghanistan and Pakistan as peace with the Taliban would mean giving legitimacy to the group.

“They Taliban do not deserve to be talked to; they are those whose hands are red with the blood of innocent people. The Taliban must be isolated,” she said.

Rejecting Iran’s interference in Afghanistan’s affairs, an advisor to Iran Foreign Ministry Sayed Rasul Musavi, said Tehran is not in favour of support to Taliban insurgents because insecurity in Afghanistan is not in favour of his country.

“Our problems have increased whenever we had a negative situation in Afghanistan either migrants problems or border problems between Iran and Afghanistan,” he said.

Representatives of at least 10 countries attended the two-day Afghanistan-Central Asia Dialogue conference in Bamiyan where they discussed ways to create coordination in the region in order to cope with the challenges on the ground, namely terrorism. (ANI)