Islam is not the religion of India; says a report

New Delhi: Centre for Policy Analysis (CPA) Patna presented a report on the socio-economic conditions of Muslims in India in which it targeted Islam and Muslims saying that Islam is not the religion of India. It has come from abroad. The topic was discussed by the journalists at Delhi Foreign Correspondent Club.

Durga Nand Jha an RSS worker who was also a former member of the BJP’s National Minorities Coordination Committee during 2014, has prepared the report on Indian minorities titled: ‘An Enquiry into India’s Minority Policy’ and ‘Analysis of Socio-Economic Status of Muslim Community in India.’

During the meeting, Jha also raised Ram temple issue and said it should be seen from the perspective of national unity and should not be seen from the religious perspective. Several journalists lashed out at Durga Nand for talking about Hindus only. Hameedullah Bhatt who was invited as guest showed the mirror to him on his viewpoints on Muslims, Islam and issues like, Muslim reservation, talaq etc.