I had been to USA recently to attend NAFSA 2015 Conference in Boston. It was an educational conference and people from almost all over the world and prominent institutions have participated in this mega event. It was a great visit. The dream has come true to see the beautiful country of USA and I have found America and the Americans are truly very simple, sincere, serene and successful.

I took that opportunity and happened to visit different places in America with my kith and kin which includes the lively city of New York. The city is bold and beautiful, and the people also are very good. I have visited many places including the WTC memorial museum.

As soon I entered the museum, I saw the big board that was fixed at a place so that everyone can see and read it comfortably at the entrance of the museum. I was shocked to read the first line which was not fair and against the religion of Islam. The line started as ” Islamists Terrorists have attacked” and with this line the matter continues about the sad happening at World Trade Centre 9/11 that was strongly condemned by all the peace lovers in the world including the Muslims undoubtedly as Islam strongly condemns innocent killings, violence and it is a heinous crime according to Islam.

About this matter that certainly misguides the visitors about Islam, In my opinion, I feel sure it was not written by Americans. It was done certainly by those who have got ill intentions and who are against Islam.

No religion in the world has got Terrorists or terrorism and the Terrorists have no religion. Instead of writing Islamists Terrorists they should have used different words like, brutal, cruel, notorious terrorists. Why the religion Islam to be blamed? Islam does not produce Terrorists and Islam believes in peace, provides peace and strongly protest against Terrorists and Terrorism. Prophet Muhammad PBUH has been the best example for the whole world as the best human being who believed in peace and taught peace.

There are no Christians Terrorists and there are no other religion terrorists and there shouldn’t be Islamists Terrorists. But why the word was used as Islamists Terrorists? It hurts Muslims all over the world. Hundreds and thousands of people visiting this museum every day and they are reading this line and a kind of hatredness has been spread and created about Islam and its followers which is not true and unacceptable.

It is a well planned venomous conspiracy to defame Islam by a group of unfaithful and irreligious people who has been the enemy of Islam and in my opinion they are the real culprits and real Terrorists to disturb the peace of the world.

As a true human being, good citizen of world and certainly as a Muslim, I strongly protest about it and request the President of America and the Governor of New York to kindly look into it and arrange to withdraw or erase the word Islamists Terrorists.

Undoubtedly, I very much believe that Americans and their Government and it’s law give full respect to the religion of Islam and that is why about 7 million of Muslim population with 1200 mosques have been living in USA comfortably with Peace, Progress and Prosperity.

By Mohammed Aleemuddin Farooqui,