ISIS violates fundamental principles of Islam: Ma’din

Mallappuram (Ker): The horrific atrocities of the self proclaimed caliphs of ISIS violated the fundamental principles of Islam, Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Al Bukhari, Chairman of Ma’din Academy said here today.

“They are not just un-Islamic, rather anti-Islamic”, he said delivering the keynote speech at the annual Ramzan prayer and peace conference hosted by Ma’din Academy, an educational institution, in connection with the 27th night of Ramadan.

“Islam is the religion that embodies the values of love, tolerance and respect to all, refuses the infringement of the rights of others. Those barbarous assaults carried out by the ISIS like perpetrating atrocities, persecuting minorities and trapping women and children can never happen from a devout Muslim, rather are great tarnish and besmirch to the exact picture of Islam,” he said.

“ISIS has given no consensus to undertake the authority of Muslim community to earn them their silly political gains.

We will never allow terrorists to hijack our belief”, he said.

“We Muslims have the history of great leaders who lived for the betterment of society. They were epitomes of promoting peaceful coexistence. In our Kerala, Muslims here were always in the fore front of mutual coexistence. Astoundingly, how followers of a prophet titled mercy to the whole world dare those callous atrocities?” he asked.

In the conference, thousands of believers endorsed the pledge against terror administered to them by Sayyid Bukhari.

“Even when we take pride in being a Muslim, we respect and honour all other faiths and their followers. We will keep a continuous vigil against forces that work to destroy the oneness of humanity”, they said.

The meet called for the unity to protect the integrity of India.

The annual conclaves have attracted the attention of believers across the country and abroad as well.

Established in 1997, Ma’din Academy, one of the premier educational and charity centres in south India, runs 30 educational and charity ventures with 20,000 students on the role.

Ma’din is one of the main organisers of the International Interfaith Harmony Seminar every year in connection with UNs harmony initiatives.

It has signed MoU with 7 reputed international universities and academic centres around the globe.