ISIS terrorists flee Syria to Iraq

Damascus: Over 1,000 ISIS terrorists have fled Syria to western Iraq over the last six months with around USD 200 million in tow, according to a US military official, reported CNN.

The fleeing continues as the United States has upped the ante against the terrorist organisation in its fight to completely defeat ISIS”>ISIS in the run-up to the US pullout from the region.

Quoting the US military official, CNN further reported that there are around 20,000 to 30,000 ISIS”>ISIS “fighters” remaining in Syria and Iraq combined.

Thousands are involved in efforts to completely defeat ISIS”>ISIS, including obliterating networks which fund the organisation and nabbing people who provide the terrorist outfit with safe havens.

US President Donald Trump had earlier cited the defeat of ISIS”>ISIS as one of the reasons behind the impending exit of US troops from Syria – a claim which was dismissed by US Congressmen and media alike. Following this, efforts have been accelerated to wholly quash the terrorist organisation.