ISIS Releases Video showing Paris Attackers and Threatened UK

ISIS Releases Video showing Paris Attackers and Threatened UK

ISIS has released a video on Sunday portraying the Paris terror attackers as action movie-style heroes – and promise
to release more footage of massacre which horrified the world.

They have claimed to show the nine Paris
attackers in Iraq and Syria, some time before they killed 130 people in the French capital on 13 November 2015.

The video posted on jihadist websites is entitled “Kill wherever you find them”, the group also threatens to attack Britain and Prime Minister David Cameron.

The 17-minute video shows the intensity, of the planning for the multiple attacks in Paris. It showed several beheading hostages of the ultra hardline militant group, and frequently used tactic. Four Belgians, three French citizens and two Iraqis are said to be responsible for the attacks.

“We are currently examining this latest Daesh propaganda video another desperate move from an appalling
terrorist group that is clearly in decline,” said the spokesman for the UK government.

A narrator in the video says. “These are the last messages of the nine lions of the
caliphate who were mobilized from their lairs to make a whole country, France, get down on its knees.”

The French Foreign Ministry and a spokesman for British Prime Minister David Cameron adeclined to comment on the