In ISI code, ‘cold’ is BSF, ‘hot’ is Army and ‘rain’ is Air Force

Jodhpur: Suspected Pakistan spy Haji Khan, who was arrested earlier this month by the security agencies, had been using name of weathers as codeword for passing on information to ISI and other agencies about the movements of BSF, Army and Air Force, his interrogators have said. According to an intelligence source, he used the word cold for BSF, hot for Army and rain for the Air Force.

“When border surveillance by BSF would be stepped up, he would convey to the Pak agencies it was too cold and the same was the method for army and the air force,” the source said.

As per his disclosure earlier, he had been actively working for ISI and two other agencies for about past three years and has got about Rs 15 lakh from these agencies by way of deposits in his wife’s bank account in Pakistan or through hawala transaction to his cousin in Dubai.

“In order to extract information from the border guards or army soldiers, he would sit with them near the bordering areas and offer them milk and tea of goat milk,” said the source.

Security agencies have been interrogating Khan since he was caught in Kishangarh in Jaisalmer district on February 11.

The agencies are trying to find out through interrogation what information, he has shared so far with the Pak agencies, and how serious were they in nature.