Irony of India: ‘If a Muslim kills a Hindu, he is dubbed as terrorist, if a Hindu kills a Muslim he is dubbed as nationalist’

Bangalore: These days, communal elements are spreading false rumours against Hazrat Tipu Sultan Shaheed in Karnataka. Tipu Sultan was the first Indian to sacrifice his life to save the country from the slavery of Britishers. He was the first martyr of freedom struggle. Those who are spewing venom against the minorities should remember that the flag of Independent India was designed by none other than a Hyderabad woman Surayya Tayyabji. These views were expressed by secretary-general Janata Dal (Secular) Kunwar Danish Ali while addressing JD (S) Minority Convention at Tumakuru. Today law and order situation in the country has become worse. Secularism is murdered and communalism is fast spreading, he added.

Mr. Danish said, minorities are exploited in the name of religion in the states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh where BJP is in power. Muslims are killed in the name of love jihad. If any Muslim kills a Hindu he is called jihadi and terrorist where as when a Hindu kills a Muslim he is called nationalist. BJP is actually leading the country towards civil war. If the situation continues the security of its citizens would be at stake.

Danish Ali said Congress didn’t provide reservations to Muslims but when Deve Gowda was the prime minister he first provided reservations to Muslims. He is the true harbinger of secularism, he claimed.

Former Jammu & Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah said we are Indian Muslims, we are born and brought up in India; we are not Chinese or Pakistani Muslims. So we don’t need to prove ourselves as Indians.

Former Prime Minister and MP HD Deve Gowda said today if minorities are getting government jobs in the state or admissions in the schools under 4% reservation, it is due to Janata Dal.