Irish Deputy PM resigns, saves government

London [United Kingdom]: Ireland’s deputy prime minister Frances Fitzgerald has resigned, avoiding a potential collapse in government and new elections.

Her position and that of the Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar – has come under pressure over her handling of information about the treatment of a police whistleblower.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar confirmed that his deputy would stand down in a phone call to opposition leader, Fianna Fail’s Micheal Martin, whose party threatened to bring down Ireland’s minority government over the affair, reported the Independent.

The opposition will not proceed with a vote of no-confidence it had tabled, which had the potential to bring down Varadkar’s minority government.

The political turmoil could have also complicated Brexit talks next month with the Irish border being one of the key issues still to be resolved in the negotiations.

Fail wanted Fitzgerald ousted over her involvement in a long-running police scandal, revolving around her knowledge of an aggressive legal strategy against a respected police officer during a private inquiry in 2015. (ANI)