Irate customers break door of SBI’s ‘cashless’ branch in Maharashtra

Buldana (Maharashtra): Angered by shortage of cash, irate customers queuing up broke the main glass door of a State Bank Of India branch in this Maharashtra district, officials said here on Wednesday.

The incident happened on Tuesday morning at an old SBI branch in Motala, around 30 km from the district headquarters here, with over 300 people standing in queues since dawn, said local police official Sanjay Gore.

However, the bank branch officials sent back the customers claiming they did not have adequate cash to disburse nor was there any cash in the ATMs.

The furious customers, including farmers, students and women queuing since several hours, attempted to force their way inside the bank premises, breaking its glass doors.

Venting their ire, the customers told media that despite repeated trips to the bank, they failed to get sufficient cash for their routine requirements and on occasions, returned empty-handed, even 55 days after the demonetisation.

This was causing them great hardships to manage their daily expenses for farming, buying household essentials, and sending children to schools or colleges, they said.

After the incident, the branch continued to work as usual and the people dispersed, Gore added.