`Irate` British Sikhs trying to prevent women from interfaith marriages

London: The wedding day is said to be the happiest day of every girl’s life, however this saying is probably changing with time as some of the British Sikh men try to stop women from marrying outside their religion.

Some 20 uninvited Sikh men tried to put a stop to the British Sikh bride wedding with her Polish Christian groom, who wore a red turban, according to the Sikh traditions, the Independent reports.

The irate Sikhs, who demanded the priests to end the wedding ceremony, insulted the people who objected to them.

One of the British Sikh threatened the priest to call his 1,000 friends to the temple if their demands were not fulfilled.

However, the police was called on the spot and the couple was compelled to proceed into a hurried wedding ceremony.

This was not the first time when British Sikhs have tried to stop the women marrying outside her religion as many cases of it have been reported. (ANI)