Iraq: Man acquitted in wife’s murder after she was found alive

Baghdad: In a strange story, the Iraqi authorities in Babil Governorate released a young man accused of killing his wife and burning her body, after she was found alive.

In the details of the incident, as per the media reports, the case dates back to July when the young man in Iraq went to report his wife’s disappearance to the police station, where he found himself detained and was questioned.

An Iraqi channel published a video of the husband’s confession a month ago, but activists recently discovered that the wife is still alive and the police were informed of her whereabouts.

According to the video, the man said that he took his wife to visit a religious shrine, and after returning, he stopped near the river, strangled his wife, burned her body, and then returned to his home.

It is reported that the woman ran away because there were disputes between them.

According to local media, the man admitted to a crime he never committed because he was tortured by the police.

“It was astonishing to find the woman alive after the accused confessed to her murder,” police said in a statement.

They added that an investigation is currently underway to find out if the man was tortured, which led to this false confession.

The case provoked several reactions from users of social networking sites, amid calls for the Minister of Interior to resign from his position and dismiss the province of Babil.

Iraqi journalist Omar al-Janabi tweeted, “The poor man is obliged to make a scene that satisfies them and tell a complete murder story that did not happen! God is conquering… a country with no law, no justice, no fairness and injustice everywhere. A young man born in 1993 was forced to confess to killing and burning his wife, under circumstances that only God knows, and had his wife not returned home, the police officers’ play would not have been revealed! What are they doing to the people?”

Iraqi researcher and analyst Najm al-Qassab tweeted: “How many citizens are executed and imprisoned while they are innocent. The person before you did not kill his wife or burn her, but from torture he confessed and then his wife appeared….”