Iraq: Daesh Militants executes 7 civilians

Daesh Militants has executed at least seven abducted Iraqi civilians near the Baquba city in Iraq’s eastern Diyala province.

“Daesh gunmen set up a fake security checkpoint on the road linking Baquba to the nearby town of Buhriz and abducted the seven civilians travelling in minibus” said Diyala Police Chief Habib al-Shammari, Middle East Monitor reported.

“Security forces later found their bodies; they appear to have been killed execution-style,” al-Shammari added.

The Daesh militants have previously abducted 8 security personnel in a similar way at a fake checkpoint on Kirkuk-Baghdad highway.

The Security forces and the Iraqi police are now on the manhunt of the perpetrators.

Officials in Baghdad had late last year had declared that Daesh’s military capacity had been all but destroyed as of now, but it appears that the terrorist group is still active and present inside Iraq, especially in northern and western province of Iraq.