Iran’s supremo publicly admits mistake over nuclear talks

Reuters) – The Iranian Supremo Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has admitted that he made in permitting Iran’s foreign minister to speak to his U.S. counterpart whih led to the 2015 international nuclear agreement between them.

Now that Mr. Trump has pulled out of the agreement he is now planning to impose the US Sanctions in stages.

Regretting his one mistake publicly he said: “With the issue of the nuclear negotiations, I made a mistake in permitting our foreign minister to speak with them. It was a loss for us.”

His comments were tweeted on Wednesday by weekly newspaper Khat-e Hezbollah which is affiliated with his official website.

Previously it was Mohammad Javad Zarif acting Foreign Minister then when he negotiated the deal with US and other 5 counterparts.

Now with the US sanctions imposed against Iran, US threatens to bar countries doing business with Iran. While Tehran was reportedly asked to strike a tougher nuclear deal with US to avoid the US Sanctions.

Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri responding to US’s condition on Tehran said that the United States is trying to make Tehran surrender through the imposition of sanctions.

“The first priority for all of us under a sanctions situation is to work toward managing the country in a way that brings the least amount of damage to people’s lives,” Jahangiri was quoted as saying.

“America is trying by applying various pressures on our society to force us to retreat and surrender.”

President Hassan Rouhani had too made similar comments like the VP Jahangiri, though he did not specifically name US. He said: “We will not let the enemy bring us to our knees.”

He also added: “America itself took actions which destroyed the conditions for negotiation.”

He also said: “There were conditions for negotiation and we were negotiating. They destroyed the bridge themselves,”adding, “If you’re telling the truth then come now and build the bridge again.”