Iranian grad student returns to US after she was sent back

Los Angeles: An Iranian graduate student expelled shortly after President Donald Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the US has returned to America after a judge halted the order, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Sara Yarjani was among those caught in a confusing legal limbo after Trump the order on Jan 27, about seven hours before Yarjani landed in Los Angeles on a flight from Oslo, the Times reported.

Yarjani arrived yesterday at Los Angeles International Airport. She has a valid two-year student visa, the newspaper reports. On Jan 27, armed customs agents ultimately escorted Yarjani to a plane bound for Vienna, where she had been visiting family, the Times reported.

Her sister, Sahar Muranovic hugged her when she arrived at LAX. Yarjani thanked Americans for their support. “Whenever I was in Europe … If ever anybody criticised America, I would be the one defending it and saying, ‘You know, whatever you say, I feel that some of the greatest, most beautiful, most accomplished people also live in that land,’ ” she told the Times. “From everything I’ve seen with the love and support from last week, that’s even more true.