Iran warships on way to Russia for military games

Tehran [Iran]: Iran has dispatched two warships to Azerbaijan’s Port of Baku to participate in the 2017 Sea Cup competition of the International military Games hosted by Russia.

The two vessels, a Peykan-class and a Joshan frigate, are going to make a port call at Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan, as part of their itinerary before reaching Russia.

Admiral Ahmad Reza Baqeri, commander of the Navy’s Caspian flotilla, said that the overseas mission would last 25 days.

On July 15, Russian and Iran’s Navy forces attended a joint exercise in the Caspian Sea.

“The navies of five Caspian littoral countries were cooperating to secure it as the sea for peace, mutual respect and good-neighbourliness,” Xinhua quoted Iran’s Rear Admiral Afshin Rezaei Haddad, as saying.

Over the past years, Iran has sent several fleets with the same mission from the country’s northern and southern waters to the high seas.

The annual International Army Games will be held from July 29 to August 12, and will be hosted by China, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Compared with last year’s 23 events, there will be 28 events, with the 5 new ones being Military Rally, Drone Competition, Commonwealth Warrior, Guardian of Order and Road Patrol. (ANI)