Iran says security in region to benefit all

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said on Saturday that insecurity of any country in the region is a threat to other regional states.

Regional countries are in need of a “stable” milieu, and none of them should seek security by posing threats to other, Zarif was quoted by Press Tv as saying on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference (MSC) which kicked off in Tehran on Saturday.

No one in the region benefits from the instability in Syria and Iraq, and the situation is a lose-lose game for all the players involved in the conflicts, he said.

Zarif urged for political solutions to regional issues through the people’s vote, saying that military intervention has its own repercussions.

As for the tense relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, he said that “we are not after eliminating Saudi Arabia. And on the other hand, we do not allow Saudi Arabia to eliminate Iran from the region,” according to Press TV.

Saudi Arabia’s “attempt to eliminate Iran has led to bloodshed and stoking of confrontations in the region, which has to stop,” he said.

The MSC meeting in Tehran will focus on the Syrian crisis as well as Tehran’s global and regional role following a historical international deal on Iran’s nuclear programme.