Iran says IAEA nuclear bomb probe now ‘closed’

Tehran: Iran said today it now considers a UN probe into allegations of past nuclear weapons research closed after a watchdog published its long-awaited report.

“It can be said that all measures regarding previous issues have been completely concluded and the PMD issue has been closed,” Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi told state television.

He was referring to the “possible military dimensions” of Iran’s nuclear programme, which has been long investigated by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Iran had said Sunday that there would be no final implementation of a July 14 nuclear deal with world powers unless the probe into allegations of past weapons research remained open.

It has always denied seeking to develop atomic weapons capability, insisting its nuclear activities are for peaceful energy production and medical purposes only.

Araghchi today said the IAEA report “confirms the Islamic Republic of Iran’s peaceful nuclear programme and the agency has in fact ruled out all the allegations that a nuclear military programme existed.”

“The maximum thing that the agency says in its last paragraph is that there were some studies or assessment of possibilities — which is not correct… But the agency’s conclusion is that some studies had been done but it didn’t continue.”

He called on the IAEA’s board of governors to formally seal its investigation at its next meeting on December 15.

“As we announced repeatedly, nuclear weapons have and will have no place in Iran’s defence doctrine,” said Araghchi.

“Now, the invalidity of previous claims has been proven. The other side should fulfil their obligations including closure of the so-called PMD file.