Iran sanctions first step to war: Paul

Washington, December 01: US Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul says more sanctions planned against Iran over its nuclear program are leading down the destructive path of war.

In an article titled, ‘The Folly of Sanctions,’ Paul sharply criticizes US foreign policy for imposing more sanctions against Iran and warned about its “unintended consequences.”

He explained that sanctions are not only acts of war according to international law, they are most often the first step toward a real war, starting with a bombing campaign.

“Sanctions were the first step in our wars against Iraq and Libya, and now more sanctions planned against Syria and Iran are leading down the same destructive path,” the presidential hopeful warned. “Sanctions against Iran are definite steps toward a US attack.”

The Texas congressman also wrote that “according to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s latest report, just out this month, there is no evidence that Iran has diverted enriched uranium from the peaceful and lawful generation of power towards building a nuclear weapon.”

“According to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has every right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes,” he added.

Paul also called on the US administration to use “diplomacy rather than threats and hostility” dealing with Iran.

He also warned that more sanctions against Iran would have a direct effect on US economy.

“The tougher sanctions currently under consideration would disrupt global trade and undermine the US economy, which in turn harms our national security,” Paul wrote.

He concluded that “this race to war against Iran and Syria is both foolhardy and dangerous.”