Iran reports deadly clashes with insurgents on Iraq border

Tehran: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said Sunday there had been three clashes with “terrorists” along the border with Iraq in recent days, leaving several dead.

“In recent days we have been witnessing some movements and efforts by anti-revolutionary bandits and terrorists in west and northwest border areas with the aim of deep infiltration,” said Brigadier-General Mohammad Pakpour, ground forces commander of the Guards.

He said the first attack was on Friday in the Oshnaviyeh area near the border with Iraqi Kurdistan, that left seven militants “killed or wounded”.

Two further attacks were reported between Saturday and Sunday — another in Oshnaviyeh and one further south in Sarvabad.

Pakpour said surveillance had identified these militants before they were able “to infiltrate our country’s soil”.

The clashes on Saturday and Sunday left six attackers dead and three wounded, he added, and that a considerable amount of weaponry had been recovered.

Agence France-Presse