Iran releases detained Indian Fishermen who illegally entered nation

Bengaluru: Fifteen fishermen detained in Iran since past five months have been released by the Iranian authorities according to reports.

The fishermen from Uttara Kannada district were arrested by the Iranian government after they had illegally entered the country five months ago, tt reports.

“We are happy that fifteen fishermen from Uttara Kannada were released on Tuesday. Karnataka Chief Minister and the district administration had written to the Union government. Thereafter, a lot of effort has transpired,” said Uttara Kannada Deputy Commissioner S S Nakul.

The fishermen are en route to UAE on their boats and will soon return to India based on their convenience said Nakul.

It was only after the intervention of India Foreign Affairs Ministry the fishermen were released by the Iranian government.

According to reports, the fishermen were detained since July 27 after they had illegally entered Kish island in Iran.

They were working on three boats owned by a UAE businessman when they were detained.

Soon after the fifteen Indian fishermen along with three other Dubai fishermen were detained they took to social media platform WhatsApp to send their appeal to Karwar district administration.

The district administration then wrote a letter to the Ministry of External Affairs and requested Sushma Swaraj to take up the matter, Nakul said.

Nakul said the release of the fishermen was delayed because one of the three Dubai-based fishermen in the Iranian authorities detention escaped from the boat.

“As a punishment, the Iranian authorities, sent the other two Dubai-based fishermen to jail and Indian fishermen were detained in the boats,” he said.