Iran main victim of terrorism: Ali Akbar Salehi

Tehran, March 01: Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi says Iran has been the “main victim” of Western-sponsored terrorism since the 1979 victory of Islamic Revolution in the country.

“While Iran has taken genuine steps to safeguard human rights… it has been one of the main victims of terrorism in the world,” Salehi said at the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva on Monday.

“Terrorist groups have killed, threatened and abducted thousands of ordinary Iranian citizens, including women and children and proceeded to plunder public and private properties,” he added.

Such a serious problem as terrorism is “supported by certain foreign countries,” Salehi pointed out.

He referred to the assassination of the two Iranian physicists, Professor Ali Mohammadi and Professor Majid Shahriari, by a suspicious terrorist group, which enjoys the generous financial support of the West and the full cooperation of the Zionist regime.

“This situation has placed a heavy responsibility on the shoulder of the government to put an end to this threatening challenge,” Salehi said.