Iran-based hacker group attacks Israeli cyber company

Iran-hacker group, Pay2Key hacked into an Israeli cybersecurity company called Portnox on Thursday. This is the latest attack by the Pay2key hacker group in an attempt to harm Israel.

They hacked into the computer system of Portnox, a prominent cybersecurity company from Israel. The group published documents related to the customer of the company. The list included Amdocs, Bezeq, Elbit, El Al, Clalit Health Fund, and more.

The group also claimed that they stole information of a terabyte of data from the company’s database but only leaked three gigabytes of data for now, as reported by Ynet news.

They also hacked the defence company Elta, which is related to Israel’s military and air industries on 20th December. They later revealed a list of the user base of Elta Company.

Then even leaked details of one of the company’s head cyber project, Camilla Adre, on the internet.

Pay2Key is an Iran-based hacker group. The group hacks into high-tech companies and performs the ransomware attack, where they seal valuable data of companies and demand money in return.