Iran accuses US, EU of not fulfilling nuclear deal

Washington: Iran’s Central Bank Governor Valiollah Seif on Friday accused the US and the European Union (EU) of failing to honor their commitments to the nuclear deal signed last year.

The US and the EU have done “almost nothing” to help Iran access the international financial system, he said here at the Council on Foreign Relations, Xinhua reported.

“In general, we are not able to use our frozen funds abroad,” said Seif, who came to Washington DC to attend the spring meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

“They need to do whatever is needed to honor their commitments,” he said. “Otherwise the deal breaks up under its own terms.”

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, however, said Friday the US is fulfilling its commitments as the agreement in the deal does not include giving Iran access to the US financial system.

Iran and six major countries reached the landmark nuclear deal in July 2015, which requires Iran to scale back its nuclear plan and the international community to lift the economic sanctions imposed on Iran.