Tehran accepts Mina stampede was out of human control

Iran’s health minister, Hassan Hashimi has said that Mina stampede was out of human control and that people should surrender to the will of Allah. He praised the Kingdom for the services it provides every year for pilgrims under difficult circumstances.

Hashimi praised Saudi Arabia’s rescue and medical efforts after the stampede in Mina last week.

Hassan Hashimi, at a meeting with his Saudi counterpart Khalid Al-Falih in Jeddah on Wednesday, said that the Kingdom’s ambulance and other teams had done well to transport the injured to hospitals in the region.

The parties agreed to ensure that the Iranians who died in the stampede would be sent home as soon as possible, and provide continued care for those hospitalized with injuries.

Al-Falih said the Kingdom was willing to cooperate with the Iranian government on the matter.

The statements of the Iranian minister comes at a tim,e when Kingdom is facing criticism from all around the world. Saudi blames few sections of Iranian society for trying to politicize the crane crash in Makkah and the Mina stampede, which saw the loss of hundreds of lives.