Iqama for 18 job categories will not be renewed in Saudi

Riyadh, December 02: The Government is set to effectively SUSPEND all sponsorship transfer for all nationalities effective 07 January 2012. Companies will be required to immediately submit their manpower requirement, visas or sponsorship transfer approval will be given after review by Labor Office, depending on category (GREEN/EXCELLENT).

Companies in RED CATEGORY must submit original passports/Iqama to Labor Office for Final Exit latest by 07-01-12 or they will be penalized SR.100,000 and all system will be closed for company and employees.

Iqama for 18 job categories and sub categories will NO longer be renewed, Accountant/Secretary/Salesman/Administrator/Sales Manager/Sales Supervisor/Finance Manager/Chief Accountant/Senior Accountant/Office Manager/Sales Assistant/Administration Manager/Office Boy/Driver/Receptionist/Warehouse Manager/Forklift Operator/Logistics Supervisor.

Please note EACH CATEGORY will have many sub categories. For example SALESMAN under will come Van Salesman, Showroom Salesman, Key Account Salesman etc etc.

People on Free Visa MUST now regularize their status or they will suffer seriously from 07-01-12.