iPhone’s global market share in Q4 may reach 23%

San Francisco: A market intelligence company is predicting iPhone market share for Q4 2021 to hit 23.1 per cent, up from 15.9 per cent last quarter.

The smartphone market is showing an improvement in demand during the second half of this year due to the peak season for e-commerce promotional activities and the easing of Covid-19 outbreaks in regions such as Southeast Asia, reports TrendForce.

There have been significant shortages of components including 4G SoCs, low-end 5G SoCs, display panel driver ICs, etc.

TrendForce further said that Apple’s iPhone 13 launch was a big success. The total iPhone production for 3Q21 registered a QoQ increase of 22.6 per cent to 51.5 million units.

In addition, supply chain reports on production levels suggest Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, and Vivo are all likely to see their market share fall, while Apple will see its share grow from 15.9 per cent last quarter to 23.2 per cent the current one.

According to investment bank Wedbush lead analyst Daniel Ives, Apple may sell more than 80 million iPhone devices in the busy holiday shopping quarter from October through the end of December despite ongoing supply issues.

Meanwhile, between Black Friday and Christmas, the company could sell 40 million units of iPhones.

Apple iPhone 13 series was facing production issues because of a Covid-19 wave in Vietnam which has limited manufacturing capacity for the devices’ camera systems.